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Through program support, industry is able to gain access to benefits including live delegate registration to the event & our enduring on-demand multimedia experience

Live Delegate Registration

Industry supporters Receive live delegate registrations based on membership level. Live Delegates get access to discussion over emerging data & evolution of industry practice as well as networking opportunities with key academic & community leaders. 


On-Demand Experience

  • Interactive & seamless deliverable agenda
  • Clickable PDF featuring complete summit presentations
  • High-resolution presentation video - platform neutral & supports Android, Apple & Windows
  • Enduring access to featured presenters & slides
  • Intuitive content navigation
  • Valuable content for multiple uses - new product & strategic planning, medical affairs education & onboarding, competitive intelligence & analysis, clinical development insights


 Oncology meeting on demand information about non-CME evolution in oncology

Membership Packages

Our events have Four levels of membership: Charter, Distinguished, Core & Basic.

Number of event delegates, product licenses and degree of recognition differs with each membership level. All meeting members receive attendee lists. Display booths available at Global and Regional Summits only. For more information, please contact jparker@davaonc.com.